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Guys Are Stupid


So I went to see Les Mis and it was fabulous! And so did the audience with the exception of some the guys that were dragged there by their wives/girlfriends. You could spot these men instantly; heads hanging low, shuffling of feet with an air of being truly beaten down.


There were lots of women in the audience, I would say 80% of the sold-out show. Those unattached to a sweating man-pig were alone or in a group with other women. My guess, most were single or wishing they were. I was the only guy in the audience sitting alone.

The reason guys are idiots is because most refuse to culture themselves, in an effort to keep other man-pigs, who they will never fuck, from thinking they are “pussies,” “fags,” or “educated.” What they fail to understand is that women would love to have a guy (research indicates) who would enjoy going with them to these types of films.

Enter the “gay friend!” Yes, every girl needs a gay friend in her life to plug the gaping hole that the man-pig species leaves in his wake. The gay friend can go shopping for clothes, escort women to chick flicks and talk about social esoterica like “feelings.”

So fellas (man-pig), please pick up a book to read. Comb through the blogs of women here on Tumblr and go over THEIR reading list and start there.

Too much work? OK, try this… go read some F. Scott Fitzgerald, Walt Whitman, William Blake, Henry David Thoreau, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. That should get you started in turning you from a man-pig into something that a worthy girl may actually want to talk to.

"There is no credit in having a dog attached to one—for a dog can be conditioned to become anybody’s slave and property. But a cat is nobody’s slave. You do not own a cat. If one lives in your home, it is because he regards your way of life favourably, and accepts you as a friend, as one gentleman accepts another. He takes no kicks or insolence from anyone. If you are not worthy to associate with him, he will depart to seek an environment more suited to a gentleman’s taste. Therefore he who retains the respect and companionship of a feline has proven himself to be essentially a superior citizen."



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